The driving test is split into two parts: the theory and the practical test. The theory test consists of two elements, both of which are completed on a computer (at a theory test centre). The first part is a series of multiple choice questions based upon the highway code. This is followed by by a video-based hazard perception test. Both parts need to be passed at the same time.

I would strongly recommend that you prepare for the theory and hazard perception tests at the same time as you develop your skills behind the wheel for the practical test. The experiences you have in learning to drive, will help in bringing the theory elements to life.

The first part is multiple choice, completed on a touch screen computer at the theory test centre. It is made up of 50 questions, to be completed within 57 mins. The required pass mark is 43.

You are able to return to questions and review you answers within the time allowed.

Once you have completed the first part, the second part will start after a 3 min break, on the same computer. This is the hazard perception test.

Before starting the second part, you will be given some instructions and a demo video. You now watch 14 video clips of real street scenes with traffic such as cars, pedestrians, cyclists etc. the scenes are shot from the point of view of a driver in a car. Each clip contains a developing hazard and one clip will feature two. You have to notice the potential hazards that are developing on the road ahead - that is, problems that could lead to an accident. As soon as you notice a hazard developing, click the mouse, the sooner you notice it and click, the more points you score. You can score a maximum of five points for each clip. The required pass mark is 44 points out of a maximum of 75.

Following your completion of the two tests, you will be asked to leave the computer. By the time you have left the room your results will have printed out and be ready for you to collect.

To assist you in preparing for your theory tests you should have a good knowledge of the highway code. Therefore you will require an upto date version of the highway code ( not dad's old copy) and possibly a cd-rom, which covers the multiple choice and hazard perception tests.

I can provide both of these for you, at discounted rates. Plus being an AA student will allow you access to the AA student only on-line area. Here you have quizzes, mock tests, hazard perception videos and animations. I will also be helping you while we are working together in the car.


To book your theory test you should use the DSA website, or by calling the DSA telephone booking line on  0300 200 1122

Please feel free to call me direct on 07747530116 should you require any further information on the theory test.

Good luck !

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